what world did you come from—
in which lifetime did you live?

the air around me, and above me,
says we had walked the earth
together, barefoot,
dancing on the strings
of powers we couldn’t…                                                                                                                                                                                                                         or did we perceive?

what took us apart?
the space between when we stood
next to each other
is the distance between me
and the-other that i have hungered for

separated by time…

i could taste the ashes
of a palpable memory
imprinted on this soul,
that is in this body—
mine,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           and yours?

my mind has flown back
to the depths of time
i stand at the edge, watching:
nothing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                wordless—
howling for my love

i am lost
in this time

have i found you?

4:40 pm; 4/28/2014 (“We dance on the strings of powers we cannot perceive”–Rush)



the windows are thrown open
to the trembling of a gong
struck by our truths
our confessions

our feet they falter but we thrive
in the death of cacophony

music is a religion
a slaughterhouse of our own dragons

you believe in angels
and you believe in devils
you sing them songs
i sing along


An Kawatan

6:30 am;June 3, 2008 

babaye…ikid paglakat

tipakadto sa purtahan

hinay-hinaya pagtrangka

iton nga waray aringasa


ayaw paragaaka

kay maabat an kawatan

nga maninira ka na-

uuwaton ka na liwat


ikapira ka na nasalisihan?

diri ka la gihapon nagmamaan

diri mapaid an kawatan

san imo kakurian


trangkahi pati an luyo

para waray gud maagian

ayaw pag-abrihi bisan manuktok

iluba gad, ayaw pagpadara


kun guintatagayan ka pa naman

sin istorya nga matam-is ura-ura

kay kadali mo gad mahubog-

makaturog ka na liwat


kumita ka sa imo atubangan

guintaplong ka, pagmata

manguyngoy ka na liwat?

husto na, panrangka!


3:30 am; June 4, 2008




tell it to this famished fire
there is still a fountain beneath those parted lips
i have dug with mine before
the youth in you

that tongue- tamed and sometimes wild
endured our beating- the lashing
in the fountain
we played master and slave

deep into the crevasse
there is that water-in-the-well
i once drank it all down
like an arid desert, i preyed

we sketched our souls through these lips
and your mouth i crave
lest old age devour our youth
i paint the days

                               –little lioness; 14october06, 8:33 pm


A Case of You



               the music is making out

               with the ache of solitude 


               my soul is touching yours

               in a bed of empty lies


               our roses are red

               the blush of Eden once again


               our souls are parched

               the music is damp


               my feet and your feet

               the dance can’t stop


               you play on my strings

               and I am  your little lyre


               you are my old flute

               and I blow your breath


               lost, lost in the Parnassian

               …my soul escapes



                                                           8/02/07; 12:50 pm; Background Music: A Case of You- Joni Mitchell 



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