An Early Morning Prayer

Dear, God. What did I see in others last week? Did I turn inwards—stripped off the ego—and did, and said things from “there?” I have to be better—be the better person, the higher being, so that I may be able to help illuminate the darker and more destructive thought patterns and actions in us. I will not be able to help others transform if I do not stay true to the process of personal transformation—my self-transformation.

When I leave a place, I should have helped transform it. I cannot participate in a vicious cycle of blaming, pointing fingers and preparing to defend. How do I truly invite others to look at ourselves for the change we want and the answers we seek?

Have I been reactive to petty taunts and self-trapping conversations? If I will be, this place will resonate with negative vibrations. I cannot help others to be positive if I am negative.

Yesterday, I had the chance to read about how we can still the mind and how we can let go—of the past, the future or even the now. May I truly be able to manifest peace.

I thank you for the gift of being able to use my hands to bring what’s in my head and in my heart to life—to reality. Thank you for the gifts of hardwork, patience and perseverance. May the work that I do continue to be a blessing to others—whether by living an example or by fruits of labor. Please help me always wake up from indolence and absent-mindedness. Always, always, teach me to be humble—to pause, to listen before I speak. I should only want to speak from the heart.

I am going to look for a new place this morning. May the place be a place to nurture my values—the ones that are important to me. May it be a place that will ground me to my advocacies and that will connect—not separate—me from my M.I.S.S.I.O.N.

I need to organize my life—my room, my expenses, my works. May the activities that I do to organize life essentials be acts of meditation. May I be able to transform them into daily prayers. This is a reflection of my inner condition. The lesser clutter I have in my personal life, the more that I can reach out to others—the more that I can be of help.

Please bless the people I love. Grant them the wisdom that they need to feel, live and honor their lives’ journey. Teach us to be more accepting of our realities and the realities of the ones we love.

Lord, Almighty Father, our creator, help me to be present. May I always carry your light. May I always love. Amen.


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