Venus Retrograde 2010

I met you a day after I said I’m a shattered star in a glorious night sky. A day after the day I heard them sing about a star sign out of whack, and I said: that’s me. My heart was silently screaming at an accused ‘fraudulent’ zodiac.

The day before I met you, I have written: watching over you from seven houses afar. I had my stinger entangled with his horns back then, and then you came. You were the morning star. And then I found out you are ruled by the morning star. Your house next to mine.

I told you about the new moon in Libra the weekend that was to come. Your spirits were high. I was oblivious  when it came because only now, in this writing, do I reckon that it felt like Venus finally joined Mars in Scorpio. I had been waiting. And then you came.

I inflict distance, succumb to a desolate space, get lost in introspection. You slow me down, loosen me up, say you understand. Do you understand because you do or do you understand because you don’t? We’re different. You’re carefree, and I am guilty.

Very different.

They’d say we don’t have to be the same.

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