¿Conoces A Eineda?…18 de Agosto de 2008

I thought that a smile was welcome when I saw her at the passengers’ waiting area. I smiled, and she smiled back at me. Perhaps, it’s more accurate to say that we smiled at each other—at the same time.

We stayed in a spot where you get a view of the airplanes outside the gates. It was more than an hour before our boarding time. I told her that I wanted to get some drinks; she said she’d like to do the same. I got an orange juice in a huge bottle. Whether she got coffee or water, I can no longer remember. We had a nice chat.

She told me that her name is Eineda and that some call her Anita. She is from Cuba. I told her that almost anything about the revolutions in Latin America have become interesting to me. I told her that I like history. But she hasn’t been in her country for the longest time. She’s been in the US, where she works as a nurse, for twenty years with her husband who is an Argentino. She said he is in Mendoza, on vacations. We were to board the same plane from LAX to SCL—our connecting flight to Argentina. She will stay in Mendoza for a month, she said, and we both had to regret that there would be no chance for us to board the same flight in going back to L.A.

I was at 36C—aisle seat for a long flight. Eineda was waving from 39F. We had been talking about SCL before we boarded the plane. It is beautiful, she said. “Like a shopping mall,” she added. She said she would accompany me to the departures where I boarded my plane for Córdoba since she just had to wait for her flight for Mendoza until 9 am Santiago time. My flight was 7:05 am. We were scheduled to arrive at SCL at 6:00 am. She, probably, sensed that I was worried that I only had an hour to change planes and realised that I was not sure about where to go after getting off the plane.

Eineda is a very warm person. And, indeed, she stayed with me at the waiting area until I got to board my plane.

She doesn’t know how to use e-mail, she said, but that her husband does. She couldn’t recall his e-mail address either and had a hard time recalling her home phone number. She wrote down what she remembered and said in case I need to go to L.A, again, I should call her and let her know.

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