En La Mañana…18 de Agosto de 2008

I woke up to the alarm at 6 am. Seven in the morning still looked like 5 am. Ten in the evening back home. From the window, I saw Radisson Hotel and I knew that it was one of the hotels I passed by the night before. I thought of walking around and looking for a fastfood—I was told that there’s a McDonald’s along Century Blvd.

I passed by several hotels along Century Blvd. As I felt the straps of my sandals trying to tear the skin on my ankle, I decided to get a cab to take me to McDonald’s. On my T|X, I see a memo saying I spent a total of $7 for the cab (back and forth) and $5.50 for the big breakfast—with coffee (in a tall paper cup), of course. Yes, it was more expensive for me to go back to the hotel by cab than to eat.

I took some pictures when I got back to the hotel.



And some more (including the ones I have in the previous post) before I left the room past 1 pm. I had a white jacket with me for the Argentina winter.


I bought 2 bars of Snickers (my power snacks) at the frontdesk lobby as I checked out and then waited outside for the shuttle to take me to the airport. I had a little chat with the assistant—”I hope you can come back,” she said.

Espero que sí.

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