Hace Un Año…16 de Agosto

It’s been a year since I traveled to Argentina. And that tells me how little I have blogged with only two entries after Recuerdo de Cordoba. Now, this is my attempt to document what transpired in that two-weeklong travel as I have not really done so.

I have not told you about what happened that night when I arrived at Los Angeles where I was walking down the street past 9 pm, wondering what the state’s crime rate is like, looking for Courtyard Marriott Hotel. I have not told you, except close friends here in Cebu, that I was stuck at the Chile airport for 28 hours.

It’s now 9:19 pm on the clock. Between 9:15 and 9:30 a year ago today, August 16, 2008, I was outside Gate 6 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s Philippine Airlines departures submitting myself to the body check to board PR 102. And we went up into the sky at 10, taking off to cross time zones.

I was at 52C. I requested for an aisle seat for the 13-hour flight so it would be convenient to keep going to the attendants’ station to ask for water to drink and to the comfort room from time to time. To my left was an old couple—the wife, a nurse, whom I had been conversing with a lot. As usual, when I am with older folks on trips, we talked about Politics and the different situations in the country.

The plane smoothly landed at LAX airport at 8 pm Pacific Time–on an evening that looked like four in the afternoon; the sun, still bursting with light. The wife to my left said “maganda ang landing niya,” then I heard an applause from the other passengers on the plane. I had to join them.

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