The lights are out. This is not the first time  our house has sat dim-lit in this corner while the rest of the households held darkness hostage to the flourescent glow.


The electric fans are out, too, probably happy that they are given an hour off mechanical labour. A cardboard makes a good makeshift fan.


The issue is not global warming but like the ice caps that collapse because they can no longer stand the heat, my weeklong confinement in the dark teaches me lessons like the ones a fed-up lover does. You go about your day, come home, sleep and wake up- almost unsurprised- to the realisation that your electric service company has decided to put an end to its ordeal.


You had it coming.


And so you start to live with inconvenient truths. Truths like food leftovers decompose in the fridge, that they stink, and that they stink bad. Pandora’s Box would surely make a bad refrigerator brand.


I live in a corner unreached by civilisation but at least, I can expect my electric bill to go down this cut-off. 

Let there be light.

1 Comment

  1. Musidora said,

    May 11, 2008 at 3:40 am

    i remember i had the same experience back in Manila… =( i tried my best to sleep it off na lang… worse pa, i didnt have candles ready and i couldnt go out na to buy some.

    Sigh. Kung sana ako ang Diyos at pagsabi ko Let there be light ay may ilaw na jan… heee… but ako ay isang hamak na anghel lamang… :p



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